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15th Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon

On Sunday 7nd July 2019 it resounds throughout the Neckar valley: The opening of the 15th International Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon.

The Heidelberg Maxi Marathon covers a distance of 44 km. The start and finish are located together which is very attractive for both competitors and spectators. There will be a time measurement at the classic marathon distance of 42.195 km to allow for comparisons to results of other marathons.

There will of course also be separate ratings and awards for racing bikes, add-on bikes and for juniors. And for the young talents there will be our well-established children’s race with a distance of 2.8 km. In addition, we offer the beginners the chance to compete in a special race with the distance of 10 km, starting in Neckargemünd and arriving in Heidelberg.

Inline skaters are also cordially invited to the 15th Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon. Sunday 7nd July 2019 will hence again be an important day of rolling sports activities.

Visit our homepage and register: click on the link leading to the online registration (available as of 15 December 2018) or use directly the homepage of

A warm Welcome to Heidelberg!

Your organizing committee of the Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon 2019

Heidelberger Rollstuhl-Marathon e. V.
Traminerweg 3, 67574 Osthofen, Germany
Tel +49 6242-913 907
Fax +49 6242-913 909
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Preliminary program

Saturday, 06th July 2019
On Saturday the registration office with the handing out of the start numbers will open in Heidelberg on the banks of the river Neckar as of 14.00. The exact location and the sequence of the program on Saturday will be announced later. The schedule will also be published in good time on our homepage

Sunday, 07th July 2019
Handing out of start numbers at the information bus on Uferstraße (on the banks of the river)

09.00 to 10.00 All participants of the wheelchair marathon
11.00 to 12.00 Inliner


10.00        Start order positioning
10.15        Start of the kids’ race
11.00        Start of the 15th International Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon
12.45        Start of the inline skaters (1 round = approx. 22 km)
13.30    Start of the beginners’ race in Neckargemünd

Further details about the week-ends schedule will be published on our homepage.


2. Time limits

For the Heidelberg Maxi Marathon there is a time limit of 3 hours. Those who have not finished the first round (22 km) within 1h 30 min will be taken out of the race.

Add-on bikes are only permitted for the half marathon (1 round, 22 km). Here the general time limit of 3 hours applies.

Kids/youths race: time limit of 30 min for 2.8 km

Beginner’s race: time limit of 45 min for 10 km

Inline skaters: they must have covered 1 round (22 km) in 75 min.


3. Course description

This is the well-known course along the river Neckar. The start will be in Heidelberg-Neuenheim on the banks of the river Neckar. From there the course goes over the Ernst-Walz Bridge to the other side of the river. The course continues on the Schlierbach side, in the direction of Neckargemünd. There the athletes cross the bridge (Friedensbrücke) and they return to Heidelberg via Ziegelhausen to the start/finish area underneath the Theodor-Heuss Bridge. The finish for the half marathon and for the inline skaters is after one round (approx. 22 km). For the Maxi Marathon (44 km) the course must be covered a second time. During the event, one half of the road will be reserved for the race (=the side of the road nearest the river). Motor traffic will flow on one side of the road as one-way traffic from Heidelberg via Schlierbach to Neckargemünd and via Ziegelhausen back to Heidelberg. There are hardly any climbs; just shortly after the start the descent from the Ernst-Walz Bridge is very dangerous. The slope here causes the participants to reach very high speeds, and the course takes a 90-degree curve to the right. Advice for all participants: ATTENTION on this part of the course!!!!!!!!!!! You must strictly obey all instructions by the police and course stewards. It’s forbidden to leave the circuit. Barriers must not be circumnavigated. Not obeying these instructions will lead to disqualification.

We offer all athletes a guided bus tour to visit the course before the race.

The kids’ and youth race is approx. 2.8 km long. The start will be at the same location as the main race (the banks of the river). The finish of this race will be the marathon finish area on Uferstrasse. There will be one serious climb and an especially fast descent. Here, we will have the so-called MEDICAL SERVICE chicane to slow speeds down. For all participants of the kids’ and youths’ race some quick help-outs are permitted; very important: wearing a helmet is compulsory.


4. Food supply along the course

Along the whole course there are no stations for food supply, so each participant should carry enough drinks and food. Water and fruits will be supplied in the start and finish area. Here, we will also offer technical services (Adviva).


5. To qualify for participation

Every participant must have a valid sports license and be a member of a sports association. For inline skaters we strongly recommend the use of full protection sets (knee, elbow, and wrist guards). Racing licenses are not necessary.
Wearing a helmet is compulsory for all participants. Aids of any sort (e.g., a supporting motor, sticks, etc.) are not permitted. Furthermore, reclining/racing bikes must be equipped with bumper protection and two working brakes.


6. Registration

Due to the GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) , registration can only be made online. On our homepage you will find the link to MIKA, available as of 15 December 2018 (in case of technical issues please contact the organization by email). The registration is only valid if the entry fee has reach our account. Registering online you will authorize MIKA to make a one-off debit from your account using SEPA. In case it would not work you can transfer the money to our bank account:

Bank details
IBAN DE8067 2500 2000 07102461, BIC SOLADES1HDB

If a registered participant does not appear for whatever reason, the registration fee cannot be reclaimed. This also applies in the case of illness or force majeure.


7. Entry fee and registration details

Registration date till 24.02.2019 till 23.06.2019 Race week-end
Wheelchair-Marathon 35 € 45 € 55 €
Half marathon and youths up to 17 years 20 € 25 € 30 €
Mobifanten-Cup 5 € 8 € 10 €
Inliner from 18 years on 20 € 25 € 30 €
Youths up to 17 years 8 € 10 € 15 €
Beginners race 10 € 15 € 20 €

Attention!!! Closing date for entries is 23rd June 2019
After 23rd June 2019 you can still register using the online form on our homepage: send us the filled form by e-mail until 03rd July 2019. In case of late registration please bring a proof with you (e.g. handy photo).

Papers/ Registration Office (at the race week-end)
The exact opening hours of the registration office will also be published on our homepage The registration office will be signposted on the grounds.

On Saturday, 06th July 2019 Sunday 07th July 2019 the registration office will be at the starting area (information bus); all starting papers can be collected there at the above indicated hours.All starting papers can only be collected personally at the registration office, they will not be posted.


8. What your entry fee covers

-    Pasta party and 4 bands live in concert for all participants. Friends and accompanying persons can buy vouchers.
-    Refreshment and food supply in the start/finish area
-    Technical service (Adviva) on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning before the start
-    Event T-shirt (Please indicate your size when registering)
-    List of results after the last victory ceremony


9. Chip timekeeping

For the Heidelberg Wheelchair Maxi Marathon, the timekeeping for all participants will be done exclusively through electronic measurement, using chips from the company Mika Timing (Champion Chip). Only chips from this company are permitted – chips by other companies are not allowed!

The chip will be handed out together with the start number for a fee of € 30.00. The rental fee will be deducted by Mika Timing from your account together with the entry fee. When the chip is returned, and this can only be done on the day of the race up to 16.00, then € 25.00 of this rental fee will be refunded. Chips that are not returned are regarded as bought for this rental fee.

As there are always many problems with the timekeeping, the chip must be placed on the athlete’s sports gear in strict accordance with our instructions.
IMPORTANT: Without a correctly placed chip there will be no timekeeping and no rating. The chip cannot be reassigned.


10. Division into classes

The participants with racing wheelchairs at the Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon will be classified and judged in three classes:

T 1                 = Tetraplegic above C 6
T 2                = Tetraplegic under C 6
T 3                 = open class

Participants with reclining/racing bikes and add-on bikes will be classified and judged in the following classes:

Division MH 1        = Tetraplegic above C 6
Division MH 2        = Tetraplegic below C 6
Division MH 3        = Paraplegiker up to TH 9/10
Division MH 4    = Paraplegiker from TH 11 to L 4, amputees and those not physically challenged
Division WH 1/2        = Women Tetraplegic above C 6/ below C 6
Division WH 3        = Women Paraplegic up to TH 9/10
Division WH 4    = Women Paraplegic from TH 11, amputees and those not physically challenged

For the 15th International Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon 2019 no knee bikers are permitted to the race!

Participants of the kids’ and youths race will be scored according to three age groups.

Group A        up to 8 years
Group B        9 – 12 years
Group C        13 – 16 years

Boys and girls will be scored together, not separately. They can participate using their everyday wheelchair, a racing wheelchair, or an add-on bike. These three pieces of equipment will be scored separately. The victory ceremony will only be held for the above-mentioned categories. Kids and youths who are not physically challenged can also participate, but will not be scored.

The Junior-class will do the half-marathon (22 km). Here all participants of up to 17 years of age will be scored together. They will be scored according to their equipment (reclining bike, add-on bike, and racing wheelchair).

Participation with other equipment is only possible on personal request till registration-closing.

The participants of the beginners’ race will be scored separately, woman and men, independent from age and equipment. The race will only take place if a minimum of 5 participants have registered. Further organizational details will be published on our homepage.

Participants of the inline race will be scored according to DRIV age groups:
Juniors         15 - 16 years
Juniors         17 - 18 years
Active class         AK 20 (19-29 years)
Seniors’ classes     AK 30 (30-39 years), AK 40 (40-49 years), AK 50; AK 60 and older

There will be a limit of 200 skaters in total!!!!!!!!


11. Starting order

The starting order will be arranged using starting blocks, according to sports equipment. The hand bikers will be arranged depending on their previous best times. Participants must give their personal best times on registration. Concerning the starting order, only times from 2018/2019 will be considered.
Starting order will be made ca. 1 hour before the Marathon-start beginning with 5 rows à 6 hand bikers with the best times.


12. Results

Preliminary lists of results will be published after the victory ceremony, approx. 1 hour after the finish. On the next day they will be published at


13. Prizes

For the winners and those who finish second or third in the individual classes attractive money and prizes will be awarded. An overview of prize grip will be available previously on the internet at The money will be paid out only on Sunday 07th 2019 during the victory ceremony and will be handed out to the winners in person only.


14. Accommodation

Accommodation will not be provided by the organisation but do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Information on accommodation suitable for the physically challenged can already be found at (German only).

A general hotel list can be requested at


15. Entertainment along the course

At the start/finish area there will be entertainment as well as food and drinks. In our marathon “twin city”, Neckargemünd, local associations will organize a party. As in the years before, this promises to be pure fun! Things will be livened up by the “sprint judging”.


16. Parking
During the whole week-end, parking is strictly forbidden on the banks of the river Neckar. Parking spaces available for free will be indicated on our homepage.


Thanks to our sponsors

We deeply thank all our sponsors, and the many volunteers who support us and help us realize the Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon. We thank them especially in the name of the many participants.

Further Information
Marathon Bureau:
Heidelberger Rollstuhl-Marathon e. V.
Traminerweg 3, 67574 Osthofen, Germany
Tel +49 6242-913 907
Fax +49 6242-913 909
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Contact speaking English:
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